Front films

  • Printing of front films using screen printing or digital printing
  • Short delivery times (usually between 2-4 weeks after sampling)
  • Front film design
  • Embossing of front films
Front films

Product characteristics Product characteristics

Front films, also called design films and decorative films, are the face of an appliance, system or machine and are part of the communication interface. They make a decisive contribution to the product's sales success.
We consider the respective corporate design and use our experience to ensure that your product sells at its best.. Production can be carried out using screen printing or digital printing, depending on the requirements.

Advantages Advantages

  • Printing of front films using screen printing or digital printing
  • Short delivery times (usually between 2-4 weeks after sampling)
  • Front film design, embossing & backlighting of front films
  • Prototypes in digital printing
  • Maximum colour fidelity, weatherproof, dust and waterproof, resistant to a wide range of chemicals

Printing process Printing process

Back printing

  • In back printing, the ink is applied mirror-inverted to the reverse side using a screen printing or digital printing process, which means that the print is protected later by the film.


  • Overprint is basically possible with any print medium (aluminium, stainless steel, brass, plastics).
  • The ink is applied to the printing medium / and baked on if required.
  • White possible as colour, colours are UV-resistant.
  • The inks are not scratch-resistant and have only limited resistance to solvents.
  • Heat resistance depends on the ink composition and the printing medium to which the ink is applied.

Illustration Illustration

Back printing of films

ink base material film nozzle print heating element print head materials

Materials Materials


  • Acrylic glass GS transparent
  • Thickness 1 to 10 mm
  • PVC hard
  • Thickness 0.8 to 12 mm
  • white or grey
  • plotter foils
  • Oracle 751C
  • Thickness 0.06mm
  • Different colors
  • Kömacel rigid foam
  • Thickness 5 + 10 mm
  • Color white
  • Engraving materials 2-layer
  • ABS material
  • Different colors
  • Thickness 0.8 to 2.0 mm
  • Engraving materials 3-layer
  • PVC material
  • Different colors
  • Thickness 0.8 to 2.0 mm
  • Polyester films (PES)
  • Matted front, smooth back
  • Front / back transparent smooth (touch panel suitable)
  • Thickness 0.15 / 0.20 / 0.25 mm
  • Suitable for digital printing and screen printing
  • Clear coat possible on the front
  • Formica / melamine
  • Different colors
  • Thickness 0.8 to 3.0 mm
  • Polycarbonate foils (PC-Lexan)
  • Matted front, smooth back
  • Thickness 0.25 / 0.375 / 0.5 mm
  • Silk screen printing process only
More info

Surfaces Surfaces

front panel frosted / rear smooth

front smooth / rear smooth

Material thicknesses Material thicknesses

Polyester: 0.15 / 0.20 mm

Polycarbonate: 0.25 / 0.375 / 0.5 mm

PET films: 0.18 / 0.20 mm

Moduls Moduls

In our company films are usually cut by CO2 laser, for this purpose we use optical camera systems which, by means of software, achieve a cutting accuracy of 0.10 mm. Cutouts are also made by laser. Cutting on guillotine shears is also sufficient in individual cases.

Almost any geometry can be realised as an assembly in combination with an aluminium or stainless steel carrier plate.

Other Other

Films are also used in the meantime as a replacement for type plates, these are either provided with an overprint or mostly as back-printed films

Depending on the application, clear lacquer can also be partially applied to the front side; this is used especially for LED windows

Films can also be provided with self-adhesive over the entire surface

In some cases, films are provided with self-adhesive which is cut out on translucent windows

Key embossing can be done with an embossing tool which we build ourselves.

Examples Examples

If you have question we will be happy to help!

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