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We, Künkler Industrieschilder GmbH & Co. KG, specialise in front panels, film and foil front panels, flow and orientation diagrams, company and type plates, precision scales and milling segments, stamped parts and inscription plates in addition to individual components and assemblies.

Industrial machines, appliances and apparatus must be equipped with nameplates, front panels, operating panels, membrane keyboards and scales to provide fast and accurate information in addition to user support. Permanently attached industrial signs, keyboards and engravings also necessitate a lifelong identification obligation and fulfilment of the tasks, certainly over several decades. Mechanical resistance

and optically perfect legibility is guaranteed even in demanding areas of application such as high humidity, dusty, aggressive ambient air, high and low temperatures.

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The carrier plates are made of aluminium or steel according to customer requirements and the signs are bonded congruently to the carrier plate with a colour-printed decorative film made of polyester or polycarbonate.

We offer you front panels or partial front panels in various heights and partition units in addition to the production of your special format requirements in aluminium, stainless steel or plastics. The material thicknesses vary depending on the material, aluminium from 0.5 mm to 15.0 mm, stainless steel from 0.5 mm to 6 mm and plastics from 0.5 mm to 12 mm material thickness. The mechanical processing is carried out on state-of-the-art CNC milling machines or CNC punching and nibbling machines. The surface can be anodised, painted or powder-coated. Solvent-resistant and scratch-resistant lettering is guaranteed by anodised printing. Threaded studs and sockets welded or pressed in at the rear facilitate the assembly of components and printed circuit boards without visually impairing the front face.

Composite front panels consisting of a base plate with mechanical processing and polycarbonate or polyester front foils, back-printed in colour, laser cut with embossing in the key area and then congruently glued together, are available to meet the highest demands. Changeable inscriptions using insert strips on request make them even more universal.

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Production facilities, especially in the chemical and process engineering industries, are highly complex systems consisting of a large number of reaction vessels, pipelines, fittings, pumps and other units. In order to maintain an overview in this tangle of material flows and highly safety-relevant processes you need professional signage. Good flow diagrams show the plant operator the most important elements in a concise way. Plant flow diagrams not only provide the owner and plant manufacturer with an overview, but also fulfil the required safety standards.

This is why we offer clear and rational solutions for the production of flow and orientation diagrams. But flow and orientation schemes have another important requirement criterion: they should be durable and robust. Lasting

quality is guaranteed by high-quality material and processing qualities. Control panels can be supplied in aluminium, Resopal©, acrylic glass and PVC.
Individual requirements are guaranteed in many ways: engraving, printing, etching,
anodising. Openings are milled, drilled and punched exactly according to your specifications.

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Safety, overview and information are achieved through the correct use of company and type plates. For the individual field of application, as a one-off or series sign, the signs are engraved, anodised, printed or etched - at short notice and at low cost. Painted or anodised aluminium, stainless steel, brass or a range of plastic materials are used as the base material. The highest demands are placed on company signs in particular in terms of their effect on the observer or visitor, e.g. in a practice or company. We would be happy to advise you on the material to be selected in order to guarantee an optimal external effect.

A letterhead or business card is usually sufficient for the creation of your company or type plate. Even a rough sketch is sufficient for creating the complete layout, the final artwork, the photosetting and the film exposure.

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Scales and milled parts are produced in almost all variations using state-of-the-art CNC technology and dividing attachments.

Precision and accuracy of fit are as much a matter of course as perfect surfaces according to special customer requirements are. The processing of aluminium, brass and stainless steel in addition to various plastics, Resopal© and acrylic glass is possible in a wide range of processes.

Of course, turned and milled parts can also be precisely labelled and scaled according to your specifications and drawings. If required, we can also do hardening in-house. The processing of unhardened steel parts is much easier and cheaper, so hardening is only done after mechanical processing.

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Standard tools and special shapes in a wide range of dimensions are available for the production of stamped parts. When it comes to materials, colours and surface finishes we are guided entirely by your requirements.

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We supply everything from a single source - from design to prototype to the subsequent series, flexibly and without complications.

Our product range includes components and housings made of aluminium, steel and V2A - anodised, powder-coated or painted with the surface quality you require. Processing options

such as milling, punching, nibbling and bending on modern CNC-controlled machines. The quality assurance of our products is guaranteed by constant work step controls. Accessories can be supplied completely assembled on request or as assemblies according to your specifications. The assembly of provided electronic components such as switches and / or circuit boards in particular has proven itself in recent years.

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Andreas Altenburg
Managing Director

Phone: +49 (0)2661 95 51 25
Mail: info@schilder-kuenkler.de

Andreas Altenburg - Managing Director

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