Flow & orientation diagrams

  • Versatile application
  • Maintaining the safety standard
  • Milling, drilling, stamping
Flow & orientation diagrams

Product characteristics Product characteristics

Production facilities, especially in the chemical and process engineering industries, are highly complex systems consisting of a large number of reaction vessels, pipelines, fittings, pumps and other units. In order to maintain an overview in this tangle of material flows and highly safety-relevant processes you need professional signage. Good flow diagrams show the plant operator the most important elements in a concise way. Plant flow diagrams not only provide the owner and plant manufacturer with an overview, but also fulfil the required safety standards.

We offer clear and rational solutions for the production of flow and orientation diagrams. But flow and orientation schemes have another important requirement criterion: they should be durable and robust. Lasting quality is guaranteed by high-quality material and processing qualities.

Control panels can be supplied in aluminium, Resopal©, acrylic glass and PVC.

Individual requirements are guaranteed in many ways: engraving, printing, etching, anodising. Openings are milled, drilled and punched exactly according to your specifications.

Advantages Advantages

  • Versatile application
  • Maintaining the safety standard
  • Milling, drilling, stamping
  • Engraving, circular engraving
  • Printing & anodising
  • PVC, melamine, Resopal and acrylic glass printed or engraved

Examples Examples

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Andreas Altenburg - Managing Director

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